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Interconnected & Interdependent Series 2024

The painting series, “Interconnected and Interdependent,” weaves the delicate spirit of flower fields as I saw them in the Netherlands, vibrant and boundless. Yet, it also represents the odyssey of life and the many souls I’ve encountered, each one unique, from different nationalities and diverse interests.

The series mirrors my journey from the vibrant landscapes of Venezuela to the vast plains of Texas, the dynamic cityscape of Singapore, the pastoral charm of the Netherlands, and finally, back to the heart of Texas. In this geographical crisscross, I have mutated from an engineer in Singapore to an artist, and an Expressive Arts therapist. Each facet of my identity has been a bridge of connection with my fellow beings, my Latina and Hispanic roots present a every encounter, in every place I have ventured.

The journey is intricate, a network of experiences and transformations. Yet, the representation remains simple: fields of flowers, each bloom a node in the systems of our lives and showing the interdependence that binds us all.

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