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Creativity Workshop Houston


Short Retreats for Busy Women

Tapping into your creativity can generate solutions and new perspectives for your most pressing challenges.



What Other Participants Said  

"The art making, text writing, and sharing have helped me deal with certain emotions and feelings more healthily and allow myself to become in tune with my creativity, rather than suppressing it."

K. Dubai 

"This workshop helped me realize the importance of really listening to others. Listening to others can change our perspective and make us see the bigger picture, usually blurred out by our ego."
Omar. Israel

"This workshop can help shape the future by enabling a better sense of common humanity amongst us all, to help us be respectful and empathetic in all situations and delete a lot of biased thinking."
Crystal. USA

“Me divertí, goce como loca. Además me permitiste entrar en las profundidades mas secretas de mi misma. Tu espontaneidad, tu diosa interna, tu creatividad y mera presencia hicieron de este workshop una experiencia inolvidable para mi (y para muchas también.) Sos una facilitadora y una artista incredible!! Gracias.”

Rosario. Argentina

"You are so warm and genuine. Your love, excitement, and enthusiasm are infectious. They drew me into your workshop. I was very surprised by how much came out for me in the art and in sharing it. It was good that you kept the plan simple. It gave me time to let my feelings emerge and to have time to explore and share them. It left me with some feeling of vulnerability and my "difference" from other group members. You responded directly to me when I shared with the whole group – That was very valuable to me. It gave me a feeling of being heard and acknowledged. I needed that after sharing, which helped me feel safe again."
L. U.K.

"You Divine phenomenal Woman Being! You are a great, and I mean a great, facilitator. You were and are so calmed and centered. Everything to me flowed well from one thing to another. It was fun and energetic, yet it was deeply moving. I was surprised by my reaction and my art. I admire your courage to deal with a controversial topic. It was beautiful! Thank you."
Lisa Maria. USA

"Congratulations on doing such a great job! I admire you for doing a workshop on this; I would like that courage. The sharing was very important, and interesting to hear the variety of insights that came out in your offering."

"Your relaxed, fun presence worked. You constantly gave permission to 'do what you want' A lot of freedom to explore any direction, nice. Glad you had people up and moving for ½ hour. Nice timing and design of movement, art, and sharing. Your enthusiasm for life inspires others. Thanks"
Natalie Rogers. USA

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