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My name is Lorena Fernandez PhD

I'm an Expressive Arts Therapist and Venezuelan American artist working in Houston Texas. I have over 15 years of experience offering Expressive Arts Therapy workshops, training, and supervision in Texas, California, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore. 


I hold a doctorate in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School with the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude (Link:  All Theses / Dissertations 2012 | EGS | Switzerland). I'm a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant and Educator (REACE) at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

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Artist statement

“In my artwork, I explore the dance between chaos and order, utilizing a combination of gestural brush strokes, abstract shapes, geometrical shapes, human shapes, and high contrast. My art helps me assimilate the reality that the only constant in life is Change.
My creative journey mirrors the geographical tour of my own life. This journey began in the Andes mountains of Venezuela, where I was born and raised, then in the USA, where I studied Engineering, and then for seven years in Singapore, where I worked as an engineer and artist and became a wife and mother, then a return to Texas. After that, I moved to the Netherlands, where I lived for four and a half years, working as an artist and Expressive Arts Therapist. And finally, in 2023, I returned to Houston, Texas.
Making art has been essential for me to navigate the juxtaposition of chaos and order as I break patterns and adopt (or reject) new cultural practices, locations, and circumstances that have challenged my sense of self.
Over the years, my art is a record of the possibility for beauty found in the breakdown of the familiar and the potential for growth that arises from the construction and re-construction of updated selves amid the winds of Change.” Lorena Fernandez, Ph.D.

Why I offer Expressive Arts Therapy

Houston, Texas, USA. 2023. Artist Talk at the Institute for Hispanic Culture in Houston presented six remarkable Latin-American women artists based in Houston.

Houston, Texas. April 2023. The Flamenco Poets Society Presents: Alfonsina y el Mar - Music and Poetry. period. Alfonsina y el Mar - Poetry & Music | MATCH (

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2021. GOD, SEX, & THE BODY art installation. 

Austin, Texas, USA. 2021. Capitol Building. Pulse/49: A Remembrance Exhibition in support of the LGBTQ community.